Heatline Boilers Guide

If you are looking for a Heatline Boiler, you have come to the right place. This website was created to provide you with all necessary information about Heatline boilers: model compare, troubleshooting, boiler efficiencies and exchanging comments and ideas in FAQ section. You are searching for a manual, spare part list or replacement procedure? No problem, you will find all the information here, gather for you in one place.

Heatline Boilers

Heatline boilers Ltd was recently acquired by Valliant Group, the second biggest heating company in Europe. Valliant goes back 140 years with its history of boiler manufacturing and service while Heatline is about 50 years old UK manufacturer. With innovation in the heating industry, new technologies are constantly underway so that customers can enjoy the highest efficiency and greater savings on gas and electricity bills.

Heatline boilers by way of The Valliant Group provides condense combi boilers newly designed, compact in size, realiable in functionality and low in cost. With a wide range of products, it is easy to find a condense combi boiler that best fits your needs. Heatline boilers has earned a reputation as a boiler supplier with a range of Vizo, Monza and Compact boilers, with teir latest Capriz and Capriz2 models which are provided with a standard 2 year warranty.

Choosing Heatline boiler

Heatline boilers company has a reputation of reliable boilers manufacturer and its history reaching back over 50 years. In order to meet customer needs and find a right boiler company developed an easy calculator to determine the ideal boiler for your house based on its type, size, age, insulation grading, the number of radiators etc.,  Finding a right model was never easier. What’s more Heatline boilers are being installed in just few hours, and you can always ask for the date that is best for you- including weekends.

Common Issues

Like all boilers model and producer undependable Heatline boilers experience some common issues that can be easily rectified at home. At times air gets trapped and needs venting, after a couple of years of usage system may show low pressure and will need simple re-fill.

  • Capiz, Vizo and Combi are known for being very sensitive to the dirt clogging onto the plate of the heat exchanger. This is one of the parts that needs to be cleaned properly during the annual service
  • Compact models are known for cutting out after 8-10 years of usage and require burner replacement
  • older Monza models are known for overheating lock downs after 5+ years of usage if the system pressure goes under 1.5 bar

Remember that it is prohibited by law to work on a gas appliance without having proper qualifications. A boiler specialist need to be Gas Safe Registered to be allowed to work on your gas appliance. Each Gas Safe Register specialist has a badge with a licence number on it that can be verified.


You are free to use troubleshooting manual when you experience any issues with your boiler, but you should have been provided an Owner’s Manual applicable for your model after installation was complete. If you experience issues with your appliance you should always contact customer service asking for repair or return.