Boiler Types and Efficiency

Most of UK house owners need to provide their own central heating and hot water supply. Combi boilers are excellent and simplest solution to provide both at the same time. Boilers produce hot water that is distributed either to the taps or to the radiators. Heatline Boilers are able to produce water in temperatures rage of 35-85 degrees, all this while keeping the efficiencies at the A levels for most of their models. Efficiency rates for UK categorized by producer and model are available here.

Condensed Heatline Boilers

All Heatline boilers are condensing boilers, condensing boilers are capable of re-using the heat from the hot vapur that in traditional boiler cases gets ventilated. Of course the more energy is recovered from the vapur, the more efficient the boiler is. Heatline boilers are quiet in operation, fit into the cupboard and and offer competitive pricing with an outputs scale suitable for standard size houses.

Boiler Efficiency

Boiler efficiency is measured by how efficiently a system uses fuel. Condensed boilers re-sue the energy that would normally get evaporated, so those models are much more efficient than the traditional boiler. From 2009 ErP Directive went alive ordering energy efficiency labeling on each heating related appliance. Heatline boilers have ErP ratings/labels of “A”, the high efficiency nature of these boilers reduces long term running costs. All  Heatline “A” rated models are recommended by Energy Saving Trust .

How to Choose a Boiler

Heatline boilers company developed an easy calculator  in order to help you choose the model right for your home. Calculator is based on following information about your house: type, size, age, insulation grading, the number of radiators etc.,  Finding a right model was never easier. What’s more Heatline boilers are being installed in just few hours, and you can always ask for the date that is best for you- including weekends. Our recommendation based on the house size and boiler functionality versus highest provided efficiency is:

  • Capriz2 boiler- with outputs 24 kW, 28 kW for standard size houses hot water and heating combi solutions
  • Solaris with output 24 kW for standard size houses hot water solutions with further saving on using LPG instead of NG
  • Sargon with outputs 20 kW, 24 kw, 30 kW, 35 kW– for central heating and hot water solutions for small to big houses

Advantages of replacing your old boiler with new Heatline boiler

  1. Modern design, compact size
  2. Manual and digital functionality
  3. All models have anti frost function builtin
  4. Fast installation and service
  5. Low cost compare to pricing

It is recommended that old boiler is being replaced with a new one whenever it is older than 5 years and has to be repaired at last twice during last 12 months. New boilers have efficiencies reaching 90% (5+ years old have efficiencies mostly don’t reach level of 70%).  If you feel you have enough of repairing your old boiler don’t hesitate ask for quotation  today!