Heatline C24 Combi boiler incorrect speed of the fan

Hi Guys,

I was quite happy and satisfied after buying and installing my Heatline C24 boiler one year ago as it worked well. However, now the boiler is not working properly. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. I have tried my best to investigate the issue after reading the user guide & concluded that the speed of the fan is not correct or sufficient. What could be a possible reason behind it?


Hi Wilson, it is important to mention that the boiler’s fan will work properly whenever it has a sufficient speed. However, when the speed is not adequate, it should be considered as a risky matter. Due to this reason, you should try fixing the problem immediately with the help of a skilled boiler engineer. You should go for the replacement of the fan or other damaged parts if needed to prevent further loss.


Heatline Monza 24 boiler pilot light issue

Hello Everybody,

I have bought a Heatline Monza 24 boiler three years ago. Well, the boiler is having a problem with its pilot light, which is blowing out when I turn off the burner. I have to face this issue every time the burner fails to light in a way as should be. Likewise, it seems that the flame is burning directly inside the burner’s tubes in spite of burning outside thus, generating a high-pitched sound. In order to fix the problem, the thermocouple has been replaced yet no success. I am extremely worried. Please guide me

Waiting for your suggestions

Thanks a lot


Hi Jack, do not worry, as it is not a serious problem. You can fix this issue easily by cleaning the boiler’s burner, as it will make the burner work again. Furthermore, I would advise a calling a Heatline boiler engineer in order to perform the test of gas pressure. You can also contact us in case the problem persists.

Heatline Combi boiler’s faulty mechanical controls


My newly bought Heatline combi boiler is facing a strange issue from last 3-4 days. The temperature of the boiler seems extremely hot or cold vice versa that it displays on the thermostat. Moreover, the thermostat is buzzing a lot. I am unable to understand the actual reason behind it. Please help me to sort it out

Thanks in advance


Hello Pat, it is quite common in the majority of the boiler. This will give the impression that there are some other faults however; they are only electrical. Well, this can be a mechanical timer, thermostat or the frost thermostat. The controls of the boiler are expected to be faulty if:

  • The boiler turns off and one when it is not meant to
  • The thermostat of the boiler is not clicking & buzzing
  • You are getting extremely hot water
  • The radiators controllers are not decreasing or increasing temperature according to the setting

Sometimes, it is much better & economical to replace the faulty controls instead of repairing them.

Heatline Compact boiler issue of loud bang

Hello Folks,

I have a three years old Heatline compact boiler. I am quite happy with the performance of my boiler. However, I have noticed that the boiler is facing some unforeseen issues. Like, I heard a loud bang as I turn on the boiler. It makes me scared. The problem seems extremely dangerous. Please help me on an urgent basis.

Thank you so much


Hi Peter,

The most expected reason for the excess gas & banging on ignition is a flame sensor. Whenever you noticed that flame is not detected in a way, as it should be your boiler would not work properly. Call a boiler engineer and ask him to check a flame sensor along with the ignition wires. When problematic parts have been tested or even replaced, he will need to confirm that everything else in your boiler is set appropriately. It simply means that the right quantity of the gas is inflowing the chamber & adjusting the speed of a fan.

Heatline Monza 24 boiler F4 error code

Hi All,

I have a Heatline Monza 24 boiler, which is almost two years old. From last 2-3 days, the boiler is showing a F4 error code on its control panel. I have read the user guide in order to fix the problem but I think I am missing something. Has someone faced this issue if yes then, please help me

Looking for help



Hi Lynn,

A F4 error code indicates a problem with the ignition. You have to check the conductor either it is sparking or not. Moreover, the working pressure of the gas inlet has to be around 20mb. Also, check that a condensate trap device is not wet or damp because it will stop the boiler from igniting. If everything appears fine after checking the mentioned things, please refer to a component analysis sheets for necessary checks all around the gas controller.

Heatline Vizio 24 boiler switches off/on without warning

Hello Everybody,

I have a six years old Heatline Vizio 24 boiler, which was working well until last night. The boiler switches itself off & on without giving me any warning. The problem is quite annoying, as I have to turn on the boiler over & over again whenever I need the hot water. Is something serious? Should I replace the boiler or call a service center?



Well, Thomas it is not the only boiler, which develops faults. Therefore, before going through the costly fixes, it is better to call a Heatline boiler engineer in order to check the different controls of the boiler either they are operational or not.  The most obvious repair is to replace a thermostat and mechanical timer. Always remember that there are other various reasons your boiler will behave in this way. There are numerous flame and pressure sensors in the boiler. When they become blocked due to debris, they will not perform their job.

Heatline Combi Boiler error code F68

Hi Guys,

My newly bought and installed Heatline combi boiler is displaying a F68 error code from last few days. I have not faced this issue earlier. In order to get rid of, I have restarted the boiler many times but no success. Unfortunately, the user manual has been misplaced. So, what else should I do? Please give your opinions



Hi John, according to the Heatline boiler’s user guide an error code F68 means “fluctuation of the flame signal”. You can fix this issue by doing the following things:

  • Firstly, try verifying a return gas circuit
  • Secondly, verify & observe the spark picture while verifying the settings of CO
  • Afterward, verify the connections of igniter unit  
  • Finally, verify the current condition of the electrode

I hope that this information will you in fixing the problem. In case the problem persists, call a boiler engineer.

Heatline Monza 24 boiler is cutting out

Hello Everyone,

I have two-years-old Heatline Monza 24 boiler. It worked well but from last few days, the boiler is cutting out a lot & after this, going into a lockout state while making some Chugging sounds. I   do not know what is wrong with the boiler, as I have faced this type of problem earlier. I need your help on an urgent basis.

Thanks for your expert advice


Hi Ray, your boiler just needs a service, as there could be a problem with accumulation in the vent pipe thus, causing a chocked air tube, a rusted flue or dust to build-up directly on the gas jet. It is advised to clean the jets and burners along with the gas analysis. In case, the problem persists, call an expert boiler engineer and ask him to check the ventilation shaft & disassemble it to look for corrosion and blockages. If required, replace the damaged parts.

Heatline Capriz 25 boiler’s blocked central heating pump

Hi All,

The central heating pump of my five years old Heatline Capriz 25 boiler is not working properly since last night. I have checked the boiler and concluded that the pump is badly blocked due to dirt. I have tried to fix the issue but unfortunately, the problem persists. Should I call a service center directly? Please guide me

Thanks in advance


Hi Smith,

As the boiler’s central heating system age, metal and dirt particles from pipework and radiators break down & start flowing through the major parts such as a heating pump. Moreover, this grime and dirt build ups in the boiler’s major parts & causes all of them to stop working. Well, you can fix this problem easily because it requires a little cleaning. Firstly, hot wash a central heating system with different chemicals. When it has been flushed off, better to fit the magnetic system strainer as it is considered as a recommended preventative measure

I hope that this will solve your problem.

Heatline Compact Boiler’s Faulty Diverter Valve

Hello Folks,

I have a Heatline compact boiler, which is almost four years old. From last few days, I am noticing that I only get the hot water when I leave the boiler’s heating on otherwise, there is no hot water. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. What is wrong with the boiler? Please help me



Hi William,

The above-shared problem is considered as the most common sign of the faulty diverter valve. If the weather is hot and you have turned off the heating then, try to turn it on & let it warm up. Well, you cannot fix the problem on your own that is why I would advise calling a skilled boiler engineer. He will run the fault check in order to find out the exact reason as there are some issues, which can show similar symptoms. Usually, the fault check will include checking to examine that all the mechanical controls of the boiler are working properly. In case, there is something else severely wrong with your boiler then, it is better to buy a new boiler.