Heatline Vizio 24 boiler switches off/on without warning

Hello Everybody,

I have a six years old Heatline Vizio 24 boiler, which was working well until last night. The boiler switches itself off & on without giving me any warning. The problem is quite annoying, as I have to turn on the boiler over & over again whenever I need the hot water. Is something serious? Should I replace the boiler or call a service center?



Well, Thomas it is not the only boiler, which develops faults. Therefore, before going through the costly fixes, it is better to call a Heatline boiler engineer in order to check the different controls of the boiler either they are operational or not.  The most obvious repair is to replace a thermostat and mechanical timer. Always remember that there are other various reasons your boiler will behave in this way. There are numerous flame and pressure sensors in the boiler. When they become blocked due to debris, they will not perform their job.