Heatline Monza 24 boiler pilot light issue

Hello Everybody,

I have bought a Heatline Monza 24 boiler three years ago. Well, the boiler is having a problem with its pilot light, which is blowing out when I turn off the burner. I have to face this issue every time the burner fails to light in a way as should be. Likewise, it seems that the flame is burning directly inside the burner’s tubes in spite of burning outside thus, generating a high-pitched sound. In order to fix the problem, the thermocouple has been replaced yet no success. I am extremely worried. Please guide me

Waiting for your suggestions

Thanks a lot


Hi Jack, do not worry, as it is not a serious problem. You can fix this issue easily by cleaning the boiler’s burner, as it will make the burner work again. Furthermore, I would advise a calling a Heatline boiler engineer in order to perform the test of gas pressure. You can also contact us in case the problem persists.