Heatline Compact boiler issue of loud bang

Hello Folks,

I have a three years old Heatline compact boiler. I am quite happy with the performance of my boiler. However, I have noticed that the boiler is facing some unforeseen issues. Like, I heard a loud bang as I turn on the boiler. It makes me scared. The problem seems extremely dangerous. Please help me on an urgent basis.

Thank you so much


Hi Peter,

The most expected reason for the excess gas & banging on ignition is a flame sensor. Whenever you noticed that flame is not detected in a way, as it should be your boiler would not work properly. Call a boiler engineer and ask him to check a flame sensor along with the ignition wires. When problematic parts have been tested or even replaced, he will need to confirm that everything else in your boiler is set appropriately. It simply means that the right quantity of the gas is inflowing the chamber & adjusting the speed of a fan.