Heatline Compact Boiler’s Faulty Diverter Valve

Hello Folks,

I have a Heatline compact boiler, which is almost four years old. From last few days, I am noticing that I only get the hot water when I leave the boiler’s heating on otherwise, there is no hot water. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. What is wrong with the boiler? Please help me



Hi William,

The above-shared problem is considered as the most common sign of the faulty diverter valve. If the weather is hot and you have turned off the heating then, try to turn it on & let it warm up. Well, you cannot fix the problem on your own that is why I would advise calling a skilled boiler engineer. He will run the fault check in order to find out the exact reason as there are some issues, which can show similar symptoms. Usually, the fault check will include checking to examine that all the mechanical controls of the boiler are working properly. In case, there is something else severely wrong with your boiler then, it is better to buy a new boiler.