Heatline Capriz 25 issue of lukewarm water

Hello Folks,

I have a Heatline Capriz 25 boiler, which is almost two years old. Now days, my boiler is providing me with a lukewarm water whenever I try to take shower or to do household chores. I badly need the help of those who have already faced this problem.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Lilly, having lukewarm water from your taps and showers is considered as the common indication of the broken diverter controller. Your Heatline boiler is meant to arrange the required hot water nevertheless, if the diverter controller is slightly held, open particularly on its heating side then, do remember that little amount of the heating power is directly on a run that is usually delivered to the showers & taps. I would recommend calling a skilled boiler engineer for fixing this issue in a professional manner.

Heatline Combi boiler’s thermostatic blender regulator is not working

Hi All,

I am a satisfied user of the Heatline combi boiler as I have not faced any major issue but last night, the boiler stopped working. I am unable to get the required hot water. What could be a possible reason behind it?



Hi Ricky,

Sometimes the failure of a thermostatic blender regulator leads to this scenario. You can overcome this problem by installing a new thermostatic blender regulator. Nevertheless, before doing this, do check the water scale on a safe side. Some Heatline boilers have water exchangers internally installed thus, a complete chemical process is necessary. Therefore, it is advised to contact a boiler engineer to avoid unforeseen issues.

Heatline Monza 24 boiler’s gas valve is out of order

Hello Everyone,

I need help on an urgent basis to fix an issue regarding my six-year old Heatline Monza 24 boiler. The boiler’s gas valve is out of order and because of this, I am unable to get the gas from last four days. What should I do to make it work again?



Hi Dear Derek, the gas valve controls the needed gas flow to your boiler’s burner and pilot light.  Every so often, it turns out to be faulty & therefore, failed to respond just because of the below-given reasons:

  • Jammed or Seized
  • Issues of Connection and wiring
  • Printed circuit board Failure
  • Out of order unit

It is better to contact a boiler engineer for immediate help

Heatline boiler’s faulty central heating pump and fan

Hi All,

The central heating pump and fan of my three years old Heatline boiler is not responding. I have tried all the possible things after reading the Heatline boiler’s user guide but no progress. I need an expert help for fixing this matter on urgent basis.

Looking forward  


Hi Tom, before doing anything else do check the following components of the boiler

  1. Firstly, do check the different electrical connections. You have to fix them if required
  2. Secondly, check & correct the restriction in the boiler’s ventilation tube
  3. Lastly, if the fan or printed circuit board is not working you have to replace the both immediately

You can contact a competent Heatline boiler engineer if the problem persists.

Heatline C24 Combi boiler noisy pipes

Hello Folks,

I have purchased and installed a Heatline C24 combi boiler one year ago. I am quite satisfied with the performance of the boiler. However, unfortunately, things do not remain the same & this goes with the boiler as well. From last night, some strange sounds are coming from the boiler’s pipes. The problem sounds quite annoying. Please share your suggestions for fixing the problem.



Hi Josh,

These weird sounds are regarded as a powerful sign of kettling. Usually, the reason behind the noisy pipes is insufficient water pressure, damaged thermostat, limescale accumulation. It is important to note that this problem can cause permanent problems in the boiler’s central heating system. Moreover, you are capable of hearing these weird sounds when your boiler has low water pressure & a pump failure. It is better to contact an experienced boiler engineer for further help.

Heatline Capriz 25 boiler fails to respond

Hi Everybody,

My two years old Heatline Capriz 25 boiler failed to respond since morning. I have tried to fix it after checking the different parts and connections of the boiler but unluckily the problem persists. Is something serious? Please help me   

Thanks in Advance


Hi John, a boiler who does not work or start properly is a serious thing. In case, this problem simply originates from the Heatline boiler as you mentioned then, it is advised to check the pressure controller. If you notice that pressure is very low then, increase the pressure to the recommended level. Likewise, poorly installed or exposed condensate pipes usually freeze in severe weather conditions, therefore causing the Heatline boiler to behave weirdly.

Heatline Compact boiler fault code F28


I own a Heatline compact boiler, which is approximately three years old. The boiler is displaying a F28 fault code. I have restarted the boiler in order to fix this issue but no success. Has someone faced this problem if yes, then please help me

Thank You


Hi Nick, a fault code F28 on your Heatline compact boiler means “ignition fault”. You have to check the following things for fixing the issue

  • Check ignition wire along with electrode. You have to replace them if needed
  • Carefully, check the different electrode connections. If needed fix them
  • Afterward check the spark gas and position and fix them if required
  • You have to check & fix the different connections, which are positioned at printed circuit board & ignition generator.

Heatline Vizio 24 dripping water from bottom

Hi Everyone,

Someone, please help me on an issue, which my five years old Heatline Vizio 24 boiler is having from last few days. The boiler drips water constantly from the bottom. A few days back, it dripped a very little amount of water however; it worked well. After 15-20 hours, I have seen a minor leak again & consequently, the boiler immediately stopped working properly. How can I fix this issue?

Looking for the Help on an urgent basis


Hi Jen,

Usually, due to a failure of few internal components like rusty pipes, connected joints, faulty boiler connections, heat exchanger deterioration, an outflow of a heating pump & auto opening of air the Heatline boiler drips the water especially from its bottom. Sometimes, few repairs are very simple & easy however; it is advised to call a skilled boiler engineer for systematic investigation.

Heatline Monza 24 losing pressure

Hello Guys,

I have purchased a Heatline Monza 24 boiler two years ago. It always delivers the desired hot water & heat. However, nowadays I am not getting both. When I checked the pressure gauge, it showed the pressure at 0.5 bar.  Should I replace a boiler or seek advice from a boiler engineer?



Hi Smith, firstly take the filling loop & increase the boiler’s pressure. There must be an intertwined pipe directly under a Heatline boiler. An isolation controller is attached with this intertwined pipe at both ends. You have to locate the both. It is important to note that most of the times controllers have very flexible levers that are at about 90 degrees straight to a pipe when closed completely & in-line when opened. Try to open a controller at the pressurized system when it is not properly opened. Now, open this isolation controller when looking at the boiler’s pressure gauge. You have to repeat the whole process until the boiler reaches the recommended pressure i.e. 1-1.5 bar.  

Heatline Compact boiler error code F27

Hi All,

I have bought and installed a Heatline compact boiler seven years ago. It worked well until last night but now it is showing an F27 error code, which is quite irritating. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. Someone, please help me.

Thanks a lot


Hi James,

According to the Heatline compact boiler’s user, manual F27 error code directs a “Flame Detection Fault”. It is possible that your boiler needs a service & the probe has to be cleaned or even replaced. Well, primarily check the boiler’s pilot assembly either it is clean or not & flowing freely from a gas controller. If yes, you have to replace a flame detection lead and probe.