Heatline C24 Combi boiler noisy pipes

Hello Folks,

I have purchased and installed a Heatline C24 combi boiler one year ago. I am quite satisfied with the performance of the boiler. However, unfortunately, things do not remain the same & this goes with the boiler as well. From last night, some strange sounds are coming from the boiler’s pipes. The problem sounds quite annoying. Please share your suggestions for fixing the problem.



Hi Josh,

These weird sounds are regarded as a powerful sign of kettling. Usually, the reason behind the noisy pipes is insufficient water pressure, damaged thermostat, limescale accumulation. It is important to note that this problem can cause permanent problems in the boiler’s central heating system. Moreover, you are capable of hearing these weird sounds when your boiler has low water pressure & a pump failure. It is better to contact an experienced boiler engineer for further help.