Heatline Vizio 24 dripping water from bottom

Hi Everyone,

Someone, please help me on an issue, which my five years old Heatline Vizio 24 boiler is having from last few days. The boiler drips water constantly from the bottom. A few days back, it dripped a very little amount of water however; it worked well. After 15-20 hours, I have seen a minor leak again & consequently, the boiler immediately stopped working properly. How can I fix this issue?

Looking for the Help on an urgent basis


Hi Jen,

Usually, due to a failure of few internal components like rusty pipes, connected joints, faulty boiler connections, heat exchanger deterioration, an outflow of a heating pump & auto opening of air the Heatline boiler drips the water especially from its bottom. Sometimes, few repairs are very simple & easy however; it is advised to call a skilled boiler engineer for systematic investigation.