Heatline Capriz 25 issue of lukewarm water

Hello Folks,

I have a Heatline Capriz 25 boiler, which is almost two years old. Now days, my boiler is providing me with a lukewarm water whenever I try to take shower or to do household chores. I badly need the help of those who have already faced this problem.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Lilly, having lukewarm water from your taps and showers is considered as the common indication of the broken diverter controller. Your Heatline boiler is meant to arrange the required hot water nevertheless, if the diverter controller is slightly held, open particularly on its heating side then, do remember that little amount of the heating power is directly on a run that is usually delivered to the showers & taps. I would recommend calling a skilled boiler engineer for fixing this issue in a professional manner.