Heatline Monza 24 losing pressure

Hello Guys,

I have purchased a Heatline Monza 24 boiler two years ago. It always delivers the desired hot water & heat. However, nowadays I am not getting both. When I checked the pressure gauge, it showed the pressure at 0.5 bar.  Should I replace a boiler or seek advice from a boiler engineer?



Hi Smith, firstly take the filling loop & increase the boiler’s pressure. There must be an intertwined pipe directly under a Heatline boiler. An isolation controller is attached with this intertwined pipe at both ends. You have to locate the both. It is important to note that most of the times controllers have very flexible levers that are at about 90 degrees straight to a pipe when closed completely & in-line when opened. Try to open a controller at the pressurized system when it is not properly opened. Now, open this isolation controller when looking at the boiler’s pressure gauge. You have to repeat the whole process until the boiler reaches the recommended pressure i.e. 1-1.5 bar.