Heatline Capriz 25 no hot water

Hi Guys,

I have a Heatine boiler, model Capriz 25, it is a bit old but was always working fine. All I really have to do with it was just to call a service guy annually to do the normal check up. Today I realized that there is no hot water. I went to utility room to investigate what is the situation with the boiler and check the boilers functionality while taps are open. So my boiler boiler lights when I open a hot tap, but after few seconds it switches off – it is not enough time to heat the water- so that is why it is cold. Any idea what is the issue and how to solve it fast?


Hi Jack

Is your heating affected or not? If not then maybe diverter valve is faulty and if yes, then probably heat exchanger plate should be replaced. The easiest way to test the diverter  valve is to turn on a tap and feel the central heating flow pipe under the boiler. If it gets hot, its the diverter valve that will need to be replaced. It is not an easy thing so call for a Gas Safe Registered guy rather than do it yourself