Heatline Compact boiler keeps cutting out


I have a Heatline Compact boiler and it is pretty old- almost 10 years old. It worked fine for years, but recently it  keeps cutting out. After each incident I restart and it helps for a while- max couple of hours. After this two led warning lamps are on, I checked what they mean and one is to verify burner ionisation second gas flow. Gas flow should be fine- same for years. Does anyone have an idea what is the ionisation problem about?



Hi Ben

Why don’t you start with the burner replacement then? And if that doesn’t help then maybe PCB is faulty. Really difficult to say. I wouldn’t close the gas supply blockage either. If you are not an expert, better if you call one. It is not easy to work on an old appliance. Good guy will come and after 30 min will tell you what is wrong and if it is worth repairing at all. It may be the time to purchase a new model…